The First London Confession of Faith of 1644

Comprehensive Edition (2022)


The First London Confession is heartily recommended to Reformed, credobaptist believers, congregations and ministries who do not want to reinvent the wheel, i.e. write a new confession […].
It is profoundly biblically based.
It has the Lord Jesus Christ at its centre as few others do.
It is based on sound, Reformed theology.
It confesses an understanding of baptism (and, in the version presented here, also of the Lord’s Supper) with which large parts of the free church landscape will find themselves in agreement.

—Andrew B. Duncan From the preface to a collection of essays currently in preparation

Here you can download the Comprehensive Version of the First London Confession of Faith (1LCF) with scriptural references in .pdf-format for use on screen and in print.
Please choose the version best fitting your printing needs (US-letter or A4 paper format).
You are welcome to distribute these digital files in unchanged form, including as computer printouts. For other uses, including commercial or professional printing, we would ask you to contact us for a license (which we usually will be happy to grant, free of charge).
Also, a full documentation of the editorial decisions leading to this Comprehensive Version is offered below.
The scans of the historical editions are also available for download below, they are from the Angus Library and Archive, Regent’s Park College, Oxford (England) and offered here (with standardized filenames) for easier access.

The text of the third and the fourth edition articles are identical, though the orthography is different.
We are able to offer the Scans of the historical editions here for your convenience, since matters of copyright with texts of this age are no concern any more and the act of scanning does not constitute a renewal of copyright.
While it is possible to download these texts here instead of obtaining them from the Angus Library, we would encourage interested students of the Separatists and Credobaptists in 17th century England to use their archives. They certainly have a wealth of treasure to offer.
A German translation of the 1LCF Comprehensive Version can be found on the German version of this page.